Youth Leagues

Discover the Riviera Lanes Junior Program!  



We will have a meeting and free bowling on 5/8/19 at 6 p.m. and start 5/15/19 6 p.m.  Two players per team will bowl 2 games each including shoes.  The league will last 8 weeks with a pizza party on the 9th week. Cost per team - $10.00 per week.  What a great way to have fun with a child!


The Best Junior Program in Green Bay to Learn the Sport of Bowling!   Join the Fun!            Bowl on a team or bring your own team.  Our bowling program has certified coaches, prizes, tournaments, trophies, medals, award banquet, program, scholarship opportunities, pay half the sanction fees, and great instruction on learning a new sport. We will have a reduced open bowl price in 2018/2019 for all children in the program.  Sign up or call 468-1815.  Free bowling at 1st sign up! 


THURSDAYJUNIORS: Two 12 week sessions   


First Session -   MEETING: 9/13/18 4 PM and START

– 4:10 PM 9/20/18 ending 12/13/18 – 13th week party

and awards on 12/20/18      

Second Session - START- 4:10 PM 1/3/19 and ending

3/28/19 – 13th week party and awards on 4/4/2019


SATURDAY JUNIORS and BUMPERS:  One 16 week Sessions


 MEETING: 9/15/18 10 A.M. and START – 9:40 A.M. 9/22/18 ending 1/19/19– 17th week party and awards on 1/26/19